RockGARD is available in:

  • Regular
  • Medium and Medium XL
  • Medium Blunt Front and Med XL Blunt Front
  • Large and Large XL
  • Large Blunt Front and Large XL Blunt Front
  • Maxx and Maxx XL
  • Maxx Blunt Front and Maxx XL Blunt Front
  • Pickle Fork
  • Personal Watercraft

The XL versions are extra long, providing added protection further back.

Medium, Large, and Maxx RockGARDs are available in a Blunt Front design that eliminates the gap between the two panels. This will eliminate hull exposure for trailers where the "Y" comes far forward.

How to size your RockGARD

There are just 2 easy steps required for determining the proper size RockGARD for your personal watercraft or boat.

First, measure from the top of the trailer frame to the top of the bow as shown in the chart below.
Second, use the list below to determine which RockGARD size to order.


List of sizes available includes: (trailer to bow measurement in inches)

  1. PWC is 27″ high x 7 1/2′ long
  2. Reg. is 27″ high x 8′ long
  3. Med. & Med XL are 33″ high x 9 1/2′ & 11 3/4′ long
  4. LG & LG XL are 39″high x 10 1/2′ & 13 1/2′ long
  5. Maxx & Maxx XL are 47″ high x 12′ & 14 1/2′ long
  6. Picklefork for double bow boats is 35″ high x 13 1/2″ long
  7. Sloped bows require up-sizing so please contact us for more information