The RockGARD Mudflap is the ultimate mudflap for your truck. Whether pulling a boat, trailer, or just driving down the highway, the RockGARD Mudflap is designed to look sharp and stop road debris from being thrown from the tires.

The RockGARD Mud flap system was designed to improve on the mud flaps that were out there but did not function as they should!  We spent 1 1/2 yrs designing & testing our system to make sure it was an improvement to what was available and we did just that.  Our RockGARD mud flap system takes the existing air flow created while driving under normal conditions and redirects it behind the mud flap via a series of vents to assist in keeping the rubber down where it is supposed to be and not flapping in the breeze!

The RockGARD Mudflap is:

  • 78"/ 96" wide
  • Made of lightweight aluminum and rubber
  • Designed to ensure smooth airflow, reducing drag
  • Available in brushed aluminum, Powder coat black, or checker plate aluminum

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